Measuring Cooling Capacity

A simple way to measure cooling capacity is to think in terms of how many litres of milk can be cooled by 1°, or degree-litres.

Each 1000 litres of milk requires 1.124kWh (4046kj) to reduce its temperature by 1°, hence 1.124kWh = 1000 degree-litres.

100kWh is capable of cooling 8897 litres of milk by 10°c, or 88970 degree-litres.

235kWh is capable of cooling 20900 litres of milk by 10°c, or 209000 degree-litres.

e.g.     235kWh                                                  
          ----------  = 209 (x1000) degree-litres.   

 209000 degree-litres
 --------------                    = 20900 litres cooled by 10°. 

If cooling the milk by a smaller temperature difference, then more milk can be cooled.

If cooling less milk volume, then a greater temperature reduction can be achieved.