The Ministry for Primary Industries is introducing new milk cooling requirements. The proposed requirements will be implemented from 2016 for new dairy sheds and 2019 for existing sheds.

 What this will mean for the dairy farmer -

 Raw milk must: 

  • be cooled to 10ºC or below within 4 hours of the commencement of milking; and 
  • be cooled to 6ºC or below within 6 hours of the commencement of milking and 2 hours of completion; and 
  • be held at or below 6ºC until collection or the next milking;
  • not exceed 10ºC during subsequent milkings.

Farm Dairy Operators are to have auditable systems capable of demonstrating conformance to milk cooling requirements. 

The Solution

ECOBANK icebank system will use ice water to cool milk within the time requirement. It can also log temperatures for auditing purposes.